“Cire Perdue” (reprint) in Gamut Magazine (April)

“Tattered Places” in NonBinary Review (March)

Rare Providers” (reprint) in PseudoPod (February)

“The Bread Boy” (5,846 words) in Fictionable (February)

“The Lady of the House on Legs” (3,998 words) in Scissor Sisters (January)


“The Bleak Communion of Abandoned Things” (reprint) in The Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 1 (December)

“Cire Perdue” (4,459 words) in No Trouble At All (June)

“Two for Tea” (2,164 words) in The New Quarterly (April)

“Scintillae” (reprint) in Dark Matter Presents: Zero Dark Thirty (February)

“Work Orders” (3,929 words) in Bicycles & Broomsticks (January)*

What Is Owed and What Can Never Be” (6,105 words) in Beneath Ceaseless Skies (January)


“Rare Providers” (5,333 words) in Fusion Fragment (November)

Sister, Silkie, Siren, Shark” (3,677 words) in Strange Horizons (November)

“Amanita muscaria” (1,908 words) in Canthius (September)*

Corvus conjurax” (reprint) in Crow & Cross Keys (June)

The Bleak Communion of Abandoned Things” (4,499 words) in PseudoPod (April)*

“Scintillae” (2,090 words) in Dark Matter Magazine (March)

False Gills” (2,892 words) in Uncharted Magazine (January)


“Corvus conjurax” (2,713 words) in Prairie Fire (April)*

Stories marked with an asterisk* were published under the name M. A. Blanchard.