“Eating Endings,” a column about stories and sustenance, recurs on Individual installments include:

No. 5, on “Our Quiet Guests” by Thomas Ha, and coffee.

No. 4, on “Belly-Slitter” by H. Pueyo, and cherry pie.

No. 3, on “Amma’s Kitchen” by Rati Mehrotra, and fish pakoras.

No. 2, on “The Honey Witch” by Kathryn McMahon, and pickled apples.

No. 1, on “Bonesoup” by Eugenia Triantafyllou, and chocolate cake.


Interviews with other writers recur in Interzone Digital. Interviews to date include:

Refusing Extinction: E.G. Condé in conversation with Ariel Marken Jack” (July 2023)

The Human Heart of the Fantastic: Ai Jiang in conversation with Ariel Marken Jack” (March 2023)

Macabre Ventriloquism: Rebecca Campbell in conversation with Ariel Marken Jack” (September 2022)


Reviews of speculative fiction magazines recur in Interzone Digital. Reviews to date include:

A Review of Three-Lobed Burning Eye 39” (August 2023)


“From the Archives,” a column about speculative short stories published in years past, recurs in Fusion Fragment (starting in Issue 9 and ongoing through the current issue, #17).